danger0us-youth-deactivated2012 said: i'm sorry if you're sick of getting questions :') but were you scared getting all your hair cut off in case you didn't suit it? (which of course you do, you look amazing!)

Yes I guess I must have been a little, I don’t remember ever having second thoughts about it though. I just saw a picture of a short haircut (on a male) in a magazine and decided that’s what I wanted, no idea what drove me to do it. Maybe it was just another way of having an identity at a school where all the girls had long hair and all the boys were made to have short hair. I remember them actually telling me once that my hair was too short for a girl but I kicked up a fuss and got away with it. I also went to the best hairdresser in the city I lived in so I was pretty confident with them cutting it. 

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